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W-9 Guests Paging system


Donuts Paging Transmitter

The W-9 donuts guest paging system is designed to instantly page the waiting guests with a simple button

depressing. The system's individual calling button features can transmit a single or group messages to the assigned

pager users.  While the paging function is activated, the red LED located at the paging station top will be lighted on

to indicate that the transmission and paging process is on the way.

also to see Q-5 Donut pager in detail....



W9 420x629


      ** Main Function **

  • POCSAG Formats
  • 9 button instant paging
  • Group Call
  • Long distance
  • Easy to install
  • Programming by PC
  • Antenna inside
  • Stackable pager battery recharging




**  Specifications of W-9  **

Paging format: POCSAG
Frequency: 303-933MHz Frequency synthesized.
Baud rate 512/1200/2400 bps
Message: Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character).
RF output 10mW/100mW/500mW and 1W. (max).
Modulation: FSK ,NRZ.
Deviation: 4.5K
Stability: ±10 ppm.
Pager Capacity 9 buttons.
Operating Voltage: DC 12V 1A option AC 110-240V adapter.
Programming: USB
RF output BNC female.
Case Size: 150mm X 230mm X 170mm.
Model Weight: 400 g.



The photo screen below describes the W-9 programmable features


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