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TX-115L POCSAG FSK Transmitter

The new design TX-115L is a cost effective and high performance 300MHz--933MHz RF transmitter,
Which is integrated with a high configurable baseband modulator.
The device support various modulation formats and has a configurable data rates from 0.5 to 600 kbps.
Option inside of POCSAG Copcode with message The new TX-115L,
which is the high reliability and low cost, high power output transmitter in ISM band,
is an ideal design module used for paging system, wireless data messaging, and wireless telemetry applications etc.


                  Main Function

  • ISM Band 315/433/868/915MHz
  • Narrow band FM or FSK Modulation
  • 2-level FSK,4-level,GFSK, OOK supported
  • Option POCSAG Encoder inside
  • High RF output up to 5W
  • Data rate up to 6Kbps.
  • PLL synthesized frequency controller
  • Operation temperature -30°C - +70°C.
  • Small Size: 95mm X 35mm X 17mm
  • BNC or SMA antenna jack on board

        Remote Controls
        Home and building automation
        Paging system



The photo screen below describes the TX-115L programmable features


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