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PF-21 Pager Adapter for android mobiles 


Receiver and display paging message direct on the mobile phones.
Just plug in the phone via type C USB
For android smart phone, android Tab, Windows PC, Raspberry-Pi.. Does not support iOS system.
Using Frequency synthesized technology
The frequency bands from 138 MHz to 933 MHz cover all the public and own paging channels in the world.
Easy-to-use APP can also be used for programmed paging frequency and pager capcodes.


 USB POCSAG Paging Receiver

The new PF-21 is a cost-effective high-performance full-band pager receiver with frequency range of 138MHz to 933MHz,
which can meet the requirements of all paging receivers in the US and European markets.
The system for directly receiving alarms, patient calls, and service calls,
without any transponder, completely to replaces the pagers.
In this way, nurses, medical staff and waiters,
Just only need to bring their own mobile phone without other pagers.


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