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NP-14 Internet Paging system


On Internet Multi-Link and 8 contacts alarm Paging Transmitter

The NP-14 is an Ethernet or RS-232 linking device to the computer for the wireless paging operations.

This is a well designed message encoded with the built-in synthesized transmitter.

Simply just plug it into any Ethernet, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and RS-232 to link the system and install the OP software.

Then you can access the messages air paging right away.



↑For RS-232 and RJ-45 application

↓For 8 dry contact alarm and RJ-45 application

↓View inside of NP-14


      ** Main Function **

  • Compact size

  • Frequency synthesized

  • From 303MHz to 933MHz

  • High RF power output

  • 8 contacts alarm input

  • RS-232 link

  • Ethernet Link

  • TCP/IP Link

  • Wi-fi Link

  • USB programming

  • Support many protocols

  • SCOPE, COMP2...

  • POCSAG format

  • RJ-45 interface

  • DB-9 interface

  • CE and FCC approved



**  Specifications of NP-14  **

Paging format: POCSAG
Frequency: 303-933MHz Frequency synthesized.
Baud rate 512/1200/2400 bps
Message: Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character).
RF output 10mW --- 7W. (max).
Modulation: FSK ,NRZ.
Deviation: 4.5K
Stability: ±10 ppm.
Pager Capacity No limit
Operating Voltage: DC 12V 2A (see RF power)(option AC 110-240V adapter)
PC interface: USB and RS-232.
RF output BNC female.
Case Size: 120mm X 110mm X 25mm.
Model Weight: 280 g.

How to order of NP-14 series.

NP-14D for alarm trig input with 8 dry connector. (Inside terminal or/and External connector).

NP-14R for RS-232 interface with DB-9 series port.

NP-14E for Ethernet by RJ-45 Jack plus RS-232 with DB-9 series port.

NP-14T for TCP/IP address interface by RJ-45 Jack plus RS-232 with DB-9 series port.

NP-14Wifi for Wi-Fi interface plus RS-232 interface with DB-9 series port.

NP-14T-Wifi for Wi-Fi linking and TCP/IP Link by RJ-45 and plus RS-232 with DB-9 series port



The photo screen below describes theNP-14 programmable features.


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