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M-810LSKD Transmitter PCB


4 Inputs POCSAG Transmitter

SKD (Semi-Kit Device)

The well-designed miniature Model M-810L SKD, which has the 4 inputs POCSAG Encoder with 10mW built-in FSK Transmitter, is an USB microprocessor control products mainly used for message encoding into the digital POCSAG paging format. And the 4 inputs M-810L SKD allows the device to generate 4 different addresses and numeric or alphanumeric messages for the air paging application usages

It is easy to program and set up the desired pager frequency, capcode, data rate, repeat time etc. functions.

M-810LSKD gig 50cs



Main Function

  • ISM Band 315/433/868/915MHz
  • Narrow band FM or FSK Modulation
  • 2-level FSK,4-level,GFSK, OOK supported
  • POCSAG Encoder inside
  • High RF output up to 10mW
  • Data rate up to 2.4 Kbps.
  • Frequency synthesized.
  • Operation temperature -30°C-+70°C
  •  Mini size: 50mm x37mm x7mm



       Paging system

       Waiter paging service

       Car alarm system

       Home security system

       Remote controller








Programming screen


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