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M-810L Table service call


Calling for service Just Press the Bell button

The M-810L service call system is designed to directly page waiters with a Bell button depressing.

There are no wire connections necessary. And the installation is easy and simple for the operations.

Calling waiters or Nurse for helps? Simply press the Bell button right of away.


It is easy to program and set up the desired pager frequency, capcode, data rate, repeat time etc. functions.

      ** Features **
  • Fast Response
  • Direct to pagers
  • Easy installation
  • Easy operation
  • No wires
  • No power cord
  • Antenna inside
  • Place on the table
  • Steal alarm for option
  • Hanging on the wall
  • Long distance
  • Frequency synthesized 303-915MHz
  • Option IoT Gateway to smartphones

                   **  Specifications **
Paging format: POCSAG
Frequency: 303-915MHz Frequency synthesized.
Baud rate 512/1200/2400 bps
Message: Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character).
RF output 1-12 mW. Programable.
Modulation: FSK ,NRZ.
Deviation: 4.5K
Stability: ±1ppm. Frequency oscillator by TCXO.
Pager Capacity 1 Button.
Operating Voltage: 2x AAA type battery (3V)
Programming: via USB with P/C.
Battery life about 1 year ( 10 Time per day).
Case Size: 99mm X 70mm X 25mm.
Model Weight: 105 g (with battery).
Programming screen

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